5 Positive Ways of Reprogramming Your Mind Dai
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5 Positive Ways of reprogramming your mind

Today friends I want to discuss with you ,how to live a more fulfilling life daily.

Just before we start lets establish exactly  why we would want to reprogram our minds in the first place. If you are reading this article then I can assume you are looking for a way to either  change your circumstances or to become involved in your personal development, which I would suggest to you is perhaps one of the best investments you will make in your life.

It is a fact of life that all of our decisions in our past and up to today have managed to get us to where we are, and all of those decisions were influenced by our upbringing, parents, friends, education and in fact all these have contributed to our belief system, or as some will say the way our mind has been programmed to operate. Now all we really have to do then is change the way our mind  has been influenced ,  which is  habits the brain has created to deliver us to where we are today.

Humans Are Creatures of Habit

Humans are creatures of habit and unfortunately a lot of our habits are not in our best interests. There is basically 3 types of habits that we function with.

  • Bad habits – which are the ones we do not like and do not contribute to us becoming what we expect of ourselves.
  • Neutral habits – the ones we basically need to function as normal humans
  • Good habits – the ones that we do not develop that often as it usually  involves change,commitment  and some form of becoming uncomfortable.

Well we all need habits to survive, it is not a matter of  getting rid of all our habits. We need to Reprogram our minds so that we teach it less  bad ones and more good ones as well as adding in a few neutral ones with good tendencies.


Dean Whittingham’s  book and Reprogramming the Mind For

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5 things in our life

Let’s list out the 5 things in our life  that we can begin to focus on that will expose us to new good habits and create a more fulfilling  life.

  1. Remove as many negative influences as possible from your every day life such as the television news and depressing events that you need not be exposed to.
  2. Try your best not to hang around people that complain about every little thing in life & seek out those people that are uplifting and love life, some times this may involve having a good look at your current friends and maybe looking for new ones.
  3. Commit to the changes required and begin to reprogram your mind as we explained above. It is an exercise of forming and exposing your mind to new good habits on a daily basis until they are habits. There needs to be commitment & effort as you will be creating change in your life that will at first seem very hard and put you out of your old comfort zone.
  4. As you learn from Dean’s book start to implement the meditation he teaches gradually and build on it as you become experienced , then work it into a time that suits your lifestyle.
  5. Implement all of Dean’s strategies in the book that teach you how to ,love yourself , build your self up with affirmations and start to learn the art of visualization.

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Reprogramming Your Mind For Success is a brilliant system put together in such a way that you get to learn how and why  your mind does the things it does and we very rarely understand. It then goes on to teach you step by step how to do all the necessary  changes on a gradual daily basis until you achieve the new habits that will in turn give you the new results.  I am living proof of how effective this program is, I have the program and refer to it regularly.

I want to thank you for your interest in this article and would like to think that our efforts to bring this wonderfull program to as many folks as possible and help change their lives has been successful. Please share this information with others about  the 5 Positive Ways of Reprogramming Your Mind Daily . We can then introduce them also to Dean Whittingham’s Reprogramming The Mind For Success.
Number One !!

Allen Sentance


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